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We help our clients maximize their impact on the world

We partner with some of the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors to help our clients achieve their investment objectives. Working with endowments, foundations, private clients, pension plans, and healthcare systems, we help our clients drive change through OCIO, staff extension, or asset class mandates services.

Our Mission is Simple

We build custom portfolios that aim to outperform over the long term

With Cambridge Associates, you get the best of both worlds: the robust resources of a long-standing firm with 50+ years of experience and 11 global offices, and a small and personalized team dedicated to your goals and constraints.

Whether it’s empowering future generations, preserving a lasting legacy, supporting charitable endeavors, or funding employee retirements, we aim to maximize each portfolio’s potential across asset class and empower our clients to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Investors Since 1973

Our clients are at the center of what we do

We are guided by our commitment to delivering investment outperformance and an exceptional client experience. Watch our video to learn more about our services and offerings.

News around Cambridge Associates

With offices in six countries around the globe, there's always something happening at Cambridge Associates

3 Ways Co-Investments Can Benefit Investors

Unlocking the potential of co-investments

Co-investments allow investors to make opportunistic investments that can enhance and complement their total portfolio.

In this short video series, we explore the opportunity set, the role of co-investments in a portfolio, guidelines for implementation, and what we believe are keys to success.

From Our Private Client Practice

The importance of portfolio stress testing to navigate liquidity challenges

Many investors don’t think about liquidity risk until something goes wrong. At Cambridge Associates, we know that careful planning is key to managing liquidity demands, which can emerge rapidly from inside and outside a portfolio.

Adam Barber, Senior Investment Director in our Private Client Practice, explains the importance of challenging the assumptions you may be making within your portfolio, and how to incorporate your unique circumstances into a portfolio stress test.

From Our Pension Practice

Defined Contribution

For decades, many institutional investors have generated strong, long-term returns through private investments. Yet DC plan participants have historically been limited to investment lineups featuring predominantly public market asset classes.
We discuss how to best offer the advantages of private investments to DC plan participants while managing the complexities of these strategies:

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